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Improvements to the Client Centre - Portfolio Planning Tool

By ADRIAN LOWCOCK 22/01/2010

Improvements to the Client Centre - Portfolio Planning Tool by Adrian Lowcock

Being able to speak to an expert is fundamental to the service that Bestinvest provides to its Advised and Investment Management Clients. However, we understand that many clients like to check the value of their portfolio and research their investments online.

We have relaunched our popular Portfolio Planning Tool (PPT). This allows you to compare your portfolio and identify variances to your selected asset allocation model. The PPT also helps you to address any areas in which you are underweight and to find rated funds to bring your portfolio into line with your asset model. You can see the effect of selling existing holdings and identify where new money should be allocated, with the benefit that any new fund choices can then be purchased online without having to re-enter any new details.

Start using the Portfolio Planning Tool

Existing clients can log on to the Client Centre and are able to view their existing portfolio and make changes to their existing investments or add new money and find out where they should be adding to investments.

Not a client of Bestinvest?

If you do not have any holdings with Bestinvest, you can simply appoint us on your existing Unit Trust and OEICs and you will be sent a password and client code. Once you have this information you can log in to our secure client centre and start using the PPT. Appointing Bestinvest as your agent does not cost a penny. You do not need to transfer your holdings or sell any investments. Just complete the appointment form and send it to us at:

    6 Chesterfield Gardens
    W1J 5BQ

If you have any questions please call one of our Advisers on 020 7189 9999.

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