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The fund targets long term capital growth through investment primarily in the equities of small UK companies. The investment universe includes smaller FTSE 250 companies at the top end, as well as AiM listed companies. Manager Paul Marriage splits this universe into 5 segments by company size, spreading his portfolio between segments to avoid over-exposure to any one area of the market. He favours profitable, cash generative companies, ideally with intellectual property and their own market niche. Schroder have announced they will restrict new investment into the fund from Jan 22nd 2014 at the latest.

Standard Initial Charge

0.00% 0.00%

Fund summary

Sector  UK Smaller Companies
Product type  OEIC
Launched  August, 1996
Size  £593m
Yield 0.2%
Charging basis  Income
Dividends paid  Acc units only.
Bid price 313.90p 1.90p

Fund Charges

Standard Initial charge 0.00%
Initial charge via Bestinvest 0.00%
Additional bid/offer spread 0.00%
Annual management charge 1.50%
Total expense ratio 1.67%
Reduction in yield (10yr) 1.67%

Bestinvest says

Paul Marriage has generated substantial outperformance in a variety of market conditions since taking control of this fund in 2006, though he has proved particularly effective during falling markets. He takes a common sense approach, generally looking for good businesses but also for an investment angle that will cause their share price to be re-rated. He is also pragmatic enough to include poor quality companies in the portfolio if he believes they are sufficiently undervalued.


schroder (ex-cazenove) uk dynamic smaller companies a asset allocation illustration
Allocation Proportion
Equity 98%
High yield bonds 0%
Quality bonds 0%
Property 0%
Commodities 0%
Hedge 0%
Fund cash 2%
schroder (ex-cazenove) uk dynamic smaller companies a equity geographic illustration
Allocation Proportion
UK 98%
Europe 0%
Nth America 2%
Japan 0%
Pacific 0%
Other Equity 0%
schroder (ex-cazenove) uk dynamic smaller companies a equity capitalisation illustration
Allocation Proportion
Large Caps 0%
Mid Caps 9%
Small Caps 91%

Investment process

The manager invests solely on bottom up criteria. He aims to have 80% of the portfolio in stocks matching his "P3M criteria":
Product - backed by Research and Development and preferably with intellectual property.
Market - a market leader, either for the UK in a large niche or globally in a small niche.
Margin - profitable, cash generative companies that are growing margins.
Management - Marriage looks for management that appreciates shareholders and own their own stock. He likes to meet each portfolio company twice a year, ideally on their own premises.
The remaining 20% of the portfolio is invested in value situations, often "poor" companies that the market has mis-priced. Regardless of the company he also requires an "investment angle" - a catalyst such as a restructuring that will cause an uplift in the share price.
Ideas are sourced from market knowledge gained at company meetings, the "library" of companies Marriage has met in previous years, fundamental research and from regional brokers.

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