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Bestinvest rating 4 stars


This Fund invests throughout Asia (excluding Japan) and Australasia with the aim of a high and rising income together with capital growth. The target yield is 35% above that of the index. The process is similar to that of other Newton equity income funds, employing a strict yield discipline and feeding off trends such as Asian urbanisation identified by Newton's top-down strategic process.

Standard Initial Charge

0.00% 0.00%

Fund summary

Sector  Asia Pacific Excluding Japan
Product type  OEIC
Launched  November, 2005
Size  £4,734m
Yield 4.5%
Charging basis  Capital
Dividends paid  Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Bid price 182.95p

Fund Charges

Standard Initial charge 0.00%
Initial charge via Bestinvest 0.00%
Additional bid/offer spread 0.00%
Annual management charge 1.50%
Total expense ratio 1.64%
Reduction in yield (10yr) 1.64%

Bestinvest says

The manager, Jason Pidcock, offers a consistently high yield in excess of 5% due to the stringent income targets, and has a consistently strong record over several years. Relative to the peer group, the fund has a bias towards the more developed economies of Australia, Singapore and Taiwan, whilst being significantly underweight in China and South Korea. In this regard, the fund can be considered relatively conservative in its approach, but this has served the manager well in the past and there is every reason to expect good things from this fund.


newton asian income asset allocation illustration
Allocation Proportion
Equity 96%
High yield bonds
Quality bonds
Fund cash 4%
newton asian income equity geographic illustration
Allocation Proportion
UK 7%
Nth America
Pacific 93%
Other Equity 0%
newton asian income equity capitalisation illustration
Allocation Proportion
Large Caps 77%
Mid Caps 23%
Small Caps 0%

Investment process

The fund aims to achieve a high and rising income together with long-term capital growth primarily through investments in securities in the Asia ex Japan region (including Australia and New Zealand). As with other Newton equity income funds strict yield criteria apply to all securities in the portfolio. Stocks are identified that initially pay a prospective yield in excess of that of the reference benchmark, the FTSE AW Asia Pacific ex Japan Index. This reduces the investment universe from over 1,500 stocks to around 600. Any stock whose yield falls to a 15% discount to the benchmark will be sold. The manager identifies stocks that offer an attractive yield, and also those that are in a position to significantly grow their dividend over the medium-to-long term.

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