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One-off advice on where to invest

From an expert, award-winning team

Expert investment advice sometimes seems out of reach or more of a commitment than you would prefer. That’s why we’re introducing a new one-off advice service, which gives more people the opportunity to take advantage of our award-winning investment advice when building a portfolio – for a competitive one-off fee.


What is one-off advice?

It is professional advice on which investments to choose if you’re looking to invest a lump sum. If your current investments are long overdue a review and a shakeup, we can help there too. Our investment advisers take the time to discuss your aims and goals and then recommend the investments that suit you best, considering your tax-efficient allowances as well. You get a detailed report of the conversation including investment recommendations. We can also give advice on which Ready-made Portfolio to choose if you’re looking for investments that you don’t need to manage yourself.

Reasons to choose one-off advice

  • Advice, whatever your level of assets

    You can receive investment advice regardless of the assets you have to invest. We just charge a minimum fee for the service, letting more people receive our expert help with building a portfolio.

  • A competitive fee

    We charge a competitive fee for one-time advice. It is 1% of your assets, with a minimum fee of £500 (maximum £5,000).

  • Expertise you can rely on

    Our award-winning investment advisers have already helped many people with their investments. They understand what our clients want from investing, so that’s what they’ll do with you too.

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An ongoing second opinion on your investments

One-off advice is great if you want a hand with your portfolio at the outset, but our ongoing service offers continued and proactive advice. If you want a discussion about a particular investment for instance, you can ring your adviser who would be more than happy to help.

If you want to know more about our ongoing service, speak to us about it during your consultation, visit here or give us a call on 020 7189 2400.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions about one-off investment advice or other services we offer at Bestinvest, please speak to us on 020 7189 2400, email us at best@bestinvest.co.uk or request a call back.


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