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Fund research - our approach

Bestinvest's research analysts conduct more than 400 face to face meetings with fund managers each year.

Our fund research is coupled with our unique MRI analysis helps us to gain an understanding of whether a manager has been skilful, or just plain lucky. The notes of the meeting are then used as the basis for discussion with all of the analysts and leading investment managers about whether a fund deserves a rating.

The 5 star group includes our top-rated selections in each asset class, including listed investment companies in cases where we believe they offer better prospects than an equivalent open ended fund.

Our fund ratings also reflect our research team's tactical views on which style of fund is most likely to perform well in the prevailing environment. For example, if we take the view that 'Growth' is likely to perform better than 'Value' then we will apply a higher rating to funds with such a style bias. Under the new system all clients can build a diversified portfolio from 4 and 5 star rated funds.

We never rate any active fund where the manager lacks a minimum track record of 30 months within that asset class.


Star ratings

  • Five star
    EXCEPTIONAL, funds that we rate as the most likely in their sectors to achieve outperformance over the medium and longer term. Typically, these funds will be included in our Multiasset Portfolios.
  • Four star
    VERY HIGH QUALITY, these are funds we have a strong conviction in.
  • Three star
    HIGH QUALITY, funds we expect to deliver above average returns over the medium to longer term.
  • Two star
    HOLD/REVIEW, other funds that have been reviewed or are currently being reviewed by our research team that do not yet meet the criteria for a buy rating.
  • One star
    SWITCH, investors should actively consider switching into our top-rated funds in which we have higher conviction.

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