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Fund manager search tool

The fund manager search tool from Bestinvest will research fund managers based on your search criteria. Search fund manager by track record and performance to get detailed information on each fund manager.

To find a specific fund try our fund research tool or our top performing funds.

Manager Factors

Performance Factors


How to use the search engine

Start by setting one or two criteria, e.g. a minimum MRI score of 95% or higher (recommended), and a track record of, say, at least three years. If you are looking for a fund that invests in a specific region or has a given style then you should include that as one of your initial search criteria. You can include as many factors - or as few - as you wish.

That should bring up a shortlist of choices (if it does not then relax one of your criteria until you do get a list). You can then narrow the shortlist down further by tweaking your search characteristics until you have a final list of the best funds that match your needs. You can now get detailed information on each specific manager by clicking on the name of the manager.

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