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Top Fund Managers

The fund search tool from Bestinvest identifying the top fund managers based on fund performance and by sector. Alternatively to find a specific fund try our fund research tool, or view all recommended unit trusts / OEICs

  Manager Name Sector 3 years
1 Avinash Vazirani SPECIALIST 0.95%
2 David Walton EUROPE EXCLUDING UK 0.87%
3 Paul Mumford UK SMALLER COMPANIES 0.86%
5 Peter Langerman NORTH AMERICA 0.73%
6 Sashi Reddy SPECIALIST 0.7%
7 Judith Mackenzie UK SMALLER COMPANIES 0.68%
8 Richard Davis / Joshua Freedman / Thomas Holl SPECIALIST 0.66%
9 Neil Birrell FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT 0.66%
10 Paul Jourdan UK SMALLER COMPANIES 0.65%

Please note
The figure shown is the average monthly performance relative to the benchmark.
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