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Zeros can be particularly attractive for investors who do not generally utilise their annual CGT allowances (£11,100 for the 2016/17 tax year), since it will often be possible to obtain the return 'tax free'.

For a top rate tax payers who does not utilise their CGT allowances, a return of, say, 6% from a zero is the equivalent to a return of 10% from an interest bearing account.

The quality of Zeros varies considerably and this is usually reflected in the yields. The lowest yields are typically offered by Zeros which have a high level of 'cover' and no bank debt or other prior charges. In the case of Zeros which are not fully covered the notional yield may well be hypothetical. We use yields calculated by Fundamental Data Ltd on various assumptions as a useful way of comparing individual stocks.

We strongly advise investors to seek professional independent advice before buying individual Zeros.

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