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Spot the Dog

What is Spot the Dog?

Spot the Dog is our landmark guide that names and shames those funds that have consistently and significantly underperformed. It is based solely on statistical criteria relating to a fund’s past performance.

Spot the Dog doesn’t make us popular with fund managers but the reality is that most funds fail to beat their benchmarks and there is far too much of people’s hard-earned money stagnating in funds with abysmal performance records.

We expose underperforming funds…

Too many investors put up with serial underperformance so at Bestinvest we have campaigned to raise awareness of poor fund performance for almost two decades. We do this by shining a spotlight on those investment funds that are amongst the worst performers and publishing their names in our twice-yearly publication Spot the Dog.

Too much of people’s hard-earned money is sitting in investment funds that are putting in a performance that is consistently bad. Spot the Dog names and shames these funds.
Lee Dooley, Director, Direct & Advisory

… and highlight alternative pedigree picks

To help investors make the most of their money, Spot the Dog also publishes pedigree picks, alternative funds to the worst of the worst.

We can help if you are concerned about dog funds in your portfolio. Call us on 020 7189 2400 or email best@bestinvest.co.uk

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