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Spot the Dog

The worst-performing Japanese funds

Year to date the Japanese market has generally underperformed other developed markets in both yen and sterling terms. In this edition, we have one mutt sniffing around our kennel.

Download Spot the Dog to find out if your Japanese funds are dogs or to see which funds in this sector make it into the pedigree pick category.

The fund used for "In the Doghouse" is the worst-performing fund and the fund used for the "Pedigree pick" is our top-rated fund, when compared to the sector performance.

Important Information

The value of investments, and the income derived from them, can go down as well as up and you can get back less than you originally invested. Different funds carry varying levels of risk depending on the geographical region and industry sector in which they invest. You should make yourself aware of these specific risks prior to investing. The chart shown is for illustrative purposes only and based on quarterly figures. Please note past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns. Full past performance data on all Spot the Dog funds can be found in the Spot the Dog guide. This should not be considered advice. Full past performance data and selection methodology can be found in the "Spot the Dog" guide and in the "Our top-rated funds" guide.

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