Bailbrook House Hotel

  • Thursday 22 February 2018 at 12.00pm
  • Bath

Many new pension rules have come into effect in the past few years, which may have made you unsure whether you are making the most of your pension. In this pension seminar we will cover the available pension allowances and tax benefits, how to avoid unnecessary tax bills, how to ensure your pension investments are well-managed and much more.

Following a £10 million restoration in 2013, Bailbrook House’s 20-acre grounds and proudly maintained late-1700s feel make for a stunning visit. We hope you will join us in enjoying this Grade II listed hotel at our upcoming pension seminar.

At the seminar

  • We will discuss why pensions can be so valuable, with a detailed look at how pension policy has changed over the last few years
  • We will also talk about the ways pensions could form a part of your Inheritance Tax and estate planning and how, in the 21st century, you can now plan for a gradual retirement
  • Our host for the event will be Terry Rice, Financial Planner and Managing Partner
  • One of our local Tilney financial planners, Darren Steadman, will talk about how Tilney can help you prepare for retirement
  • You can learn more about the current environment for your pension investments from Justin Ogilvie, Investment Director
  • A Q&A session gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about pensions
  • Mingle with other guests after the event over lunch


Terry Rice

Terry Rice

Darren Steadman

Darren Steadman

Financial Planner
Justin Ogilvie

Justin Ogilvie

Investment Manager


Thursday 22 February 2018 at 12.00pm


Eveleigh Avenue, London Road West, Bath, BA1 7JD



Advice in relation to inheritance tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, however, the products to mitigate tax may be regulated.