How do I buy and sell funds?

To buy and sell funds through the Online Investment Service, you will first need to select the account you wish to trade through. For new investments you can then click on the ‘Add Funds’ button. You will then be directed to Investment Selector where you can search for the investment you wish to buy. Once you have clicked on the ‘Buy’ button for your chosen fund, you will be asked to confirm how much you wish to invest and can then confirm the transaction.

To buy and sell units in your existing investments, you will need to click the green plus and red minus symbols next to the investments you wish to trade.

To buy more units in an existing fund, you will be taken to a page that will ask you to how much money you wish to invest and how you would like to pay for this purchase (either using  cash on your account or by a debit card payment).

To sell existing funds click on the red minus symbol to be taken to the switch or sell page. If you want to switch into another investment, you will be directed to our Investment Selector and can choose your new funds. Alternatively, you can sell your investment for cash and either decide on an investment at a later date or withdraw the money to your designated bank account.

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