How do I buy and sell shares?

To buy shares you will need to select the account you wish to trade in, and click on the ‘Add Stocks and Shares’ button. You can then select how you wish to buy the shares – either through our ‘Quote and Deal’ system or via a limit order. The ‘Quote and Deal’ process will offer you a live price for the shares from our market maker, Winterfloods. You will then have 15 seconds to confirm your order. If you take longer than 15 seconds, the price is no longer guaranteed and you will need to submit another order for a new price.

When buying through a limit order you can specify a maximum price you are willing to pay for the shares. The shares will only be bought at this price or a better one. You can set a time frame of 1-30 days for your limit order. To buy shares through a limit order you must already have cash available on your account.

If you want to sell shares you will need to click on the ‘red minus’ symbol and follow the same process as for buying shares. You will need to confirm the amount to sell and choose whether to sell via our ‘Quote and Deal’ service or a sell limit order.

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