Why is my recent sell/buy instruction still in pending transactions?

If the purchase of a fund is shown under ‘pending transactions’, the dealing point for that fund has not yet been reached. The dealing point is specific to the fund you are buying or selling, usually at 9am every day. However, some funds have different cut off points. The easiest way to determine a specific cutoff point is to call our Client Relations team who will be able to confirm this with you.

If a share deal is shown under ‘pending instruction’ this relates to an order placed outside of trading hours, a liquidity issue or a cancelled order. With regards to a cancelled limit order, if the order is sitting in the ‘pending transactions’ tab it would be advisable to contact our Client Relations team to have this removed. In these instances, we may need to contact our market maker, Winterfloods, to ensure the order has not been filled and to remove it manually.

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