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Are you and your family protected?

Many families would struggle to make ends meet if a family member developed a serious illness or died. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have the right level of financial protection in place. Our specialists can give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected, whatever the future brings.

Why might you need protection?

Setting up protection usually involves taking out insurance policies to:

  • Maintain your lifestyle if you became unable to work due to an accident or illness
  • Provide for your family if you died or developed a serious illness
  • Cover a future Inheritance Tax bill without the need to sell the family home


Death or illness can have knock-on effects that would leave most families in a precarious financial position without the right level of protection. For example, a serious illness could leave you unable to look after your child and you may need to pay for childcare. Or if you suddenly died, your partner may be unable to keep up with mortgage payments and other household expenses. Protection ensures that your family will be financially secure, whatever the future brings.

Protection ensures that your family will be financially secure, whatever the future brings.

Our new guide to protection tells you more about the risks to consider and the various options for protecting your family from these. Download your copy to find out more.

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Expert help can make all the difference

Through our wider Tilney Group we have experts who specialise in helping people with financial protection. They will get to know your financial and family circumstances and then work with you to identify any potential risks or shortfalls. Then, they can recommend the most suitable level of protection to ensure your family will remain financially secure in the event of a serious illness, death or large Inheritance Tax bill.

To find out what our experts could do for you, why not book a free consultation on the Tilney website?

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Alternatively, you can book a telephone consultation or find out more about protection by emailing or calling us on 020 7189 9999.


Important information

Advice in relation to Inheritance Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, however, the products used to mitigate tax may be regulated.