Introducing our Ethical Ready-made Portfolio

We have recently launched an Ethical portfolio as part of our range of Ready-made Portfolios. Read on to find out more about the effortless way to invest ethically.
15 October 2019
2 minute read

What are our Ready-made Portfolios?

Our Ready-made Portfolios come ready-made with a collection of investments. They are built and looked after by our investment team. The team spend their days deciding where and how much to invest, reviewing the portfolios and making any changes when they need to. This means you don’t have to spend time doing this for yourself.

There is a variety of different portfolios to choose from, each based on different investment objectives and attitudes towards investment risk. You can find out more about the range of Ready-made Portfolios on this page.

An ethical focus

The new Ethical portfolio is designed for people who want to better align their investment decisions with their values. The majority of the funds held in the portfolio are selected from our list of top-rated ethical and sustainable funds. These invest in a variety of businesses that aim to have a positive effect on the world, while avoiding those that have a detrimental effect on society or the environment. The blend between the different types of investments in the portfolio is determined by our Asset Allocation Committee, made up of a senior team of investment professionals and chaired by our Chief Investment Officer, Chris Godding.

How to invest in the Ethical portfolio

To invest in the Ethical portfolio in an ISA or Investment Account, you will need to complete our Ready-made Portfolio online application. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes – just click the below button to get started.

If you don’t already invest with Bestinvest, when you open the page you will first need to choose a username and password. Then, you answer a number of questions about why you are investing and how you want to invest. When asked ‘What is your main reason for investing?’, choose ‘Invest ethically’ and then proceed with the rest of the questions.

Invest in the portfolio


If you have any questions about the Ethical portfolio or you’d like some help investing in a Ready-made Portfolio, please call us on 020 7189 2400.


Please note that ethical funds may, by definition, have a limited investment universe; this may affect performance.