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New edition – Our Top-rated Funds

You can now download the latest edition of Our Top-rated Funds. This new guide is packed full of the best and latest investment fund ideas from our research team.

Lee Dooley Lee Dooley
24 January 2018

What’s in the guide?

Our Top-rated Funds features a list of every fund that is currently rated 3 or more stars by our research team. These are the funds that we believe have the potential to deliver good, consistent returns for investors over the long term. You’ll also find more detailed write-ups of some of the funds that we think deserve special attention from all the major sectors.

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How do we pick top-rated funds?

Our research analysts spend their days researching and reviewing investment funds. There are tens of thousands of funds available – our research team maintains a list of those that we believe are the best and most likely to deliver for our clients.

When picking funds we focus on their managers. We look for those who:

  • Have performed well over the long term, as a result of skill not luck
  • Invest with a clear and consistent investment approach, and whose interests are aligned with their investors (usually by investing their own money)
  • Focus on growing wealth rather than just beating a benchmark, by picking high-conviction stocks instead of following the herd
  • Strike a balance between holding a concentrated number of funds and diversifying to reduce risk
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