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Our Top ISA Investment Ideas 2015

With the deadline to secure your ISA allowance fast approaching, the question of where to invest is the one on everybody’s mind. Remember that if you don’t use your £15,240 2015/16 ISA allowance, you lose it.

Lee Dooley Lee Dooley
20 March 2015

Here at Bestinvest, we are always available to help you make the most of your investments. With this in mind, we have put together a series of articles on Our Top ISA Investment Ideas to give you inspiration for your investments.

Woodford Equity Income

If you are attracted to the UK fund management industry’s top names, there is no-one bigger than Neil Woodford. The Woodford Equity Income Fund has attracted much attention since its inception, and it featured at the top of our list of where our clients invested in February. Could this headline-hitter’s fund be a good option for your ISA? Find out what our UK equity fund specialist Tom White has to say about the fund in our article here.

Fidelity MoneyBuilder Dividend

Michael Clark is a manager who isn’t as well-known as Woodford but we feel is no less talented. Clark’s investment style is more conservative than a lot of UK equity income fund managers and so his approach may suit those ISA investors concerned about their level of risk – Tom White provides more insight in to this four-star rated fund here.

Sanditon European

Taking a short journey across the Channel brings us to Chris Rice’s Sanditon European fund. Companies in Europe are well established and have a global reach, and this fund is a good option for those who are looking further than the UK when choosing their ISA investments. Rice has a solid background in European equities, working in the sector since the 1990s, and our sector specialist Victoria Chernykh comments on his investment style here.

Henderson UK Property and Kames Property Income

Sometimes, people choosing investments for their ISA portfolio overlook that there can be more to investing than equities and bonds. Funds investing in property, and specifically bricks and mortar, perform in different ways to equity funds and can give you diversification – which can help reduce risk. Simon Moore, our head of research, is the sector specialist and he recently commented on two funds – Henderson UK Property and Kames Property Income – that likes. Discover them here.

Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns and Threadneedle UK Absolute Alpha

Finally, the Targeted Absolute Return sector is another area ISA investors could look at as an alternative. These specialist funds use complex techniques and investment instruments, and have a varying risk level, but whilst returns aren’t guaranteed they aim to achieve a positive return in all market conditions. Our analyst Robert Harley looks at Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns and Threadneedle UK Absolute Alpha, two funds he rates highly, here.

To discover more about these funds, read our guide to Our Top ISA Investment Ideas here. You can also give us a call on 020 7189 2400, request a call back or email us at to discuss your investments.

The value of investments, and the income derived from them, can go down as well as up and you can get back less than you originally invested. Funds may carry different levels of risk depending on the industry sector(s) in which they invest. You should ensure that you understand the nature of any fund before you invest in it. Prevailing tax rates and reliefs are dependent on your individual circumstances and are subject to change. Targeted Absolute Return funds do not guarantee a positive return and you could get back less than you invested, as with any other investment. Additionally, the underlying assets of these funds generally use complex hedging techniques through the use of derivative products, which can carry additional risks which may not be immediately apparent. The property market can be illiquid; consequently, there can be times when investors will be unable to sell their holdings. Property valuations are subjective and a matter of judgement. This article does not constitute personal advice.