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Transferring investments to Bestinvest

You can easily transfer funds, shares and many other investments held outside of a pension or ISA into our General Investment Account. Simply complete the form below to download the necessary paperwork and begin the transfer.

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Frequently asked questions

Which types of investment can I transfer to Bestinvest?

You can transfer funds, ETFs, investment trusts and most UK-listed shares into to our Online Investment Service.

Can I transfer my investments into an ISA or SIPP?

Yes, you can transfer existing SIPPs and ISAs into our ISA and SIPP accounts. If your investments are held in other accounts, you can transfer them using a Bed & ISA or Bed & SIPP transaction:

  • A Bed & ISA transaction allows you to sell existing investments held outside an ISA and use the proceeds to open or top up an ISA account. You can then choose to buy the same investment back, choose another investment instead, or simply hold the cash within your ISA account.
  • A Bed & SIPP lets you top up your pension by using your existing investments as SIPP contributions. You sell your investments and use the proceeds to open or top up your SIPP account. Then, you can buy the same investments back, select different ones or simply leave the cash in your account for future investing.

Does it cost anything to transfer funds and shares to Bestinvest?

No, it’s free to transfer assets to Bestinvest. Your current providers may charge you exit or closure fees, but we will pay up to £500 to cover the cost of these (subject to terms and conditions)*.

*Exit fees may apply if you leave Bestinvest.

How long does it take to transfer funds and shares?

This can vary from provider to provider. Cash transfers generally take one week to complete, whereas in-specie transfers could take longer if your current provider cannot process electronic transfers. With a stock (or in-specie) transfer, your assets are transferred to us directly, with no need to reinvest and no time spent out of the market. The transfer process can be sped up significantly if you supply a list of the investments you are transferring, such as a copy of your latest valuation statement, alongside your completed transfer forms.

If you would like to discuss your transfer options or would like us to prepare the paperwork for you, call us on 020 7189 2400.

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