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How to compare rates and buy an annuity

Our annuity calculator makes it easy to compare income rates and buy an annuity. It is powered by annuity experts Just Retirement Solutions and shows you instant, personalised quotes from 10 providers comprising a majority of the UK market*.

What is the Open Market Option?

The Open Market Option allows you to shop around and compare annuity rates between providers rather than simply taking the income offered by your current pension provider. The easiest way to do this is with an online annuity calculator. The Government introduced this option because most annuities pay you a fixed income rate for the rest of your life, and you can’t usually change your mind after you buy one.

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Use our free online annuity calculator to get an instant annuity quote and compare income rates between different providers.

  • Personalise your quote with details of your health, lifestyle choices and tax-free cash plans to see if these could affect your income
  • Compare live quotes from 10 annuity providers comprising a majority of the UK market*
  • Buy an annuity easily after reviewing your quotes
  • Just Retirement’s UK annuity experts will answer your call if you need any help.
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If you need some help with comparing annuity rates please get in touch with our friendly experts today:

*This is a restricted service and not a whole of market solution. You may be able to find a better rate by looking elsewhere or contacting providers directly. Just Retirement Solutions will use your information to provide the annuity comparison service to you for the purpose of obtaining quotes from annuity providers.

The decision to access your pension is an important one and will affect your income and possibly your standard of living for years to come. Therefore we recommend that before any decision is made you receive regulated financial advice or get free guidance from Pension Wise.

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Annuities - A guaranteed income for life

Our free factsheet gives you more information about the benefits of annuities and using our new online annuity service.

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