Director dealings: Kestrel buys more of IQGeo, Pharos directors cover tax bills with sales

14 January 2022

(Sharecast News) - IQGeo Group was at the top of the buyers' list on Friday, disclosing that Kestrel Partners had purchased 200,000 shares on behalf of its discretionary clients.
The AIM-traded firm said the shares were bought at an average price of £1.27 each, making for a total value of £254,000.

Its non-executive director Max Royde is a partner of, and holds a beneficial interest in, Kestrel, and is also a shareholder in Kestrel Opportunities, and thus has a beneficial interest in that entity's entire legal holding in IQGeo.

Following the transaction, IQGeo said Kestrel Opportunities holds, and thus Royde was deemed to have a beneficial interest in, 10,907,810 shares in the company, while other clients of Kestrel in which Royde had no beneficial interest, held 4,267,642 shares.

On a combined basis, Kestrel indirectly held voting rights over 15,175,452 shares in the company, representing 26.38% of its issued share capital.

<strong>Pharos Energy</strong> was flying solo on the selling side of the ledger, with managing Mike Watts and president and chief executive officer Ed Story selling down some of their recently-exercised awards to cover their bills with the Revenue.

The company said Watts sold a total of 206,356 shares in two transactions on 3 and 9 January, both at a price of 24.88p, netting him &#163;51,336.06 for his tax liabilities and related costs.

Story, meanwhile, sold 113,765 shares, also at 24.88p, giving him &#163;33,274.04 for his HMRC bill.

Following the sales, Pharos said Story held 3.68% of its issued share capital in 16,271,613 shares, while Watts had 0.25% of the firm in 1,083,348 shares.

At 1503 GMT, shares in IQGeo Group were down 0.76% at 130p, while Pharos Energy was trading up 0.76% at 26.5p.

<strong>Top Director Buys</strong>

Iqgeo Group (IQG)
Director name: Royde ,Max
Amount purchased: 200,000 @ 127.00p
Value: &#163;254,000.00

Hss Hire Group (HSS)
Director name: Peterson,Alan
Amount purchased: 1,498,525 @ 16.60p
Value: &#163;248,755.14

Polar Capital Holdings (POLR)
Director name: Ross ,Andrew
Amount purchased: 30,000 @ 665.00p
Value: &#163;199,500.00

Pharos Energy (PHAR)
Director name: Brown,Jann M
Amount purchased: 381,909 @ 24.88p
Value: &#163;94,999.86

Atome Energy (ATOM)
Director name: Valladares,Mary-Rose de
Amount purchased: 22,250 @ 83.00p
Value: &#163;18,467.50

Insig Ai (INSG)
Director name: Bernstein,Richard
Amount purchased: 40,000 @ 42.30p
Value: &#163;16,920.00

Mj Hudson Group Npv (MJH)
Director name: Hudson,Matthew Donald
Amount purchased: 26,041 @ 38.70p
Value: &#163;10,077.87

Team17 Group (TM17)
Director name: Crawford ,Mark
Amount purchased: 1,137 @ 745.00p
Value: &#163;8,470.65

F&amp;c Investment Trust (FCIT)
Director name: Hollond,Beatrice
Amount purchased: 108 @ 914.86p
Value: &#163;988.05

F&amp;c Investment Trust (FCIT)
Director name: Hewitt,Jeffrey
Amount purchased: 54 @ 914.86p
Value: &#163;494.02

Judges Scientific (JDG)
Director name: Ormsby,Bradley Leonard
Amount purchased: 2 @ 8,290.00p
Value: &#163;165.80

Emis Group (EMIS)
Director name: Southby,Peter
Amount purchased: 12 @ 1,262.00p
Value: &#163;151.44

Superdry (SDRY)
Director name: Wills,Shaun
Amount purchased: 57 @ 263.20p
Value: &#163;150.02

Mj Hudson Group Npv (MJH)
Director name: Connell,Peter
Amount purchased: 380 @ 39.00p
Value: &#163;148.20

F&amp;c Investment Trust (FCIT)
Director name: Knapp,Edward
Amount purchased: 10 @ 914.86p
Value: &#163;91.49

Judges Scientific (JDG)
Director name: Lavelle,Mark
Amount purchased: 1 @ 8,290.00p
Value: &#163;82.90

Judges Scientific (JDG)
Director name: Cicurel,David
Amount purchased: 1 @ 8,290.00p
Value: &#163;82.90

<strong>Top Director Sells</strong>

Pharos Energy (PHAR)
Director name: Watts,Mike J
Amount sold: 206,356 @ 24.88p
Value: &#163;51,331.06

Pharos Energy (PHAR)
Director name: Story,Ed
Amount sold: 133,765 @ 24.88p
Value: &#163;33,274.04