Govt immigration plan 'could harm higher education'

11 February 2019

(Sharecast News) - The government's immigration plans could harm higher education, the NHS and could potentially generate a new Windrush scandal, according to a new analysis.
According to the latest analysis from Global Futures, a pro-immigration think tank, the government plan would cost employers over £1.14bn in new red tape in just five years - and over half a billion to the NHS if it follows its plan to recruit more overseas staff.

The plans could also create the makings of a new Windrush scandal and sabotage the government's integration strategy through short-term visas that do not encourage migrants from learning the language and putting down roots.

It would also Impose a £169m barrier to EU students which would harm higher education and reduce the attendance and lose the £15bn foreign students contribute to British economy every year.

In December 2018, Theresa May's government published the Immigration White Paper to lay out the regulations after Brexit which had as an aim to end free movement.

At the time the government admitted that the plan would make the country poorer: it would take 0.9% from the country's GDP and cost the Budget bottom line £4 billion in just its first five years.