Global Emerging Markets

Our latest investment ideas and research from the Global Emerging Markets sector. This sector gives you the chance to invest in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets, including Latin America, China and India.

“The countries grouped together as Global Emerging Markets have diverged in recent years. Our highlighted fund managers should be able to distinguish between winning and losing countries and companies – subsequently generating attractive returns.”

Ajay Vaid

Ajay Vaid

Global Emerging Markets specialist

Latest news and research

Different funds carry varying levels of risk depending on the geographical region and industry sector in which they invest. You should make yourself aware of these specific risks prior to investing. Underlying investments in emerging markets are generally less well regulated than the UK. There is an increased chance of political and economic instability with less reliable custody, dealing and settlement arrangements. The market(s) can be less liquid. If a fund investing in markets is affected by currency exchange rates, the investment could both increase or decrease. These investments therefore carry more risk. Current or past yield figures provided should not be considered a reliable indicator of future performance. This is not advice to invest.