UK Equity Income

Our latest investment ideas and research from the UK Equity Income sector. This sector contains funds that aim to offer the potential for a regular income, with a degree of capital growth, by investing mainly in UK companies that pay good dividends.

“The UK is one of the highest-yielding markets in the world. With companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC and GlaxoSmithKline paying out much of that yield, investing in UK income funds give you exposure to some world-leading companies.”

Alena Kosava

Alena Kosava

UK Equity Income specialist

Latest news and research

Funds may carry different levels of risk depending on the industry sector(s) in which they invest. You should ensure that you understand the nature of any fund before you invest in it. Smaller companies shares can be more volatile and less liquid than larger company shares, so smaller companies funds can carry more risk. This is not advice to invest.