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We publish Spot the Dog with a clear message – it’s vital to monitor your investment portfolio closely. Owning sick dog funds that underperform consistently can seriously affect your long-term wealth.

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We can help you keep an eye on your investments, whether you choose to manage your investments yourself or would like some help from our experts.

Online Investment Service

As an Online Investment Service client, you can use a huge range of tools to help you work out how well your funds are performing. You can also make use of our in-depth research when choosing funds for your portfolio.

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Investment Advisory Service

Our ongoing Investment Advisory Service is for those who want to manage their own money but would like some help from a professional investment adviser. This could help keep ailing dog funds at bay, because your adviser will get in touch with you whenever our view on a fund you own changes. You’ll receive an annual review and your adviser will contact you with relevant news and information. Find out more about our Investment Advisory Service here.

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Ready-made Portfolios

You can make sure you’re always invested in our top investment ideas with Ready-made Portfolios. Our Ready-made Portfolios let you leave investing in the hands of our experts, who choose and manage your investments. All you need to do is choose the portfolio that suits your aims and attitude to risk and we manage it for you over time.

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Tilney’s investment management services

We can offer further investment management services through Tilney, part of the Tilney Bestinvest group. Tilney provides an award-winning investment management service to clients across the UK. This includes a full discretionary service, where clients can delegate the responsibility for the day-to-day management of investments to Tilney’s highly qualified investment managers, in line with a pre-agreed set of objectives.

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Our Top-rated Funds

This is Spot the Dog’s well-behaved cousin. This guide features our research team’s top fund picks from a range of sectors, with write-ups on particular funds they like. Our research team believes these funds are most likely to deliver for you over the long term. You can download the guide here.

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Speak to an expert

As a dog whisperer helps with problem dogs, our friendly team can help with any concerns you have about your investments.