ISA consolidation

Transferring existing ISAs to a single provider

Many people have collected a number of ISAs with different providers over the years. To make things easier to manage, you can consolidate as many of these as you like in our Stocks & Shares ISA without affecting your annual ISA allowance.

Reasons to consolidate your ISAs

Easy to review
With your investments under one roof it’ll be easier to see how they are performing and how much money you have saved
More control
Buying, selling and switching investments will be much quicker and easier if they’re all held in one place
Lower fees
With fewer providers charging you for their services, it’s likely less of your money will disappear in fees and more can be invested
Less paperwork
You’ll spend less time and effort filling out forms or sorting through paperwork.

Ready to transfer? It's quick and easy to transfer your investments to Bestinvest.

How long does it take to consolidate ISAs?

It can take just a week to consolidate your ISAs with our new electronic transfers. Faster transfers mean less time spent out of the market, but you can’t trade while we move your investments across.

It can take just a week to consolidate your ISAs with Bestinvest.

You can transfer your ISAs as cash or as stock (where you stay invested). Some providers still require manual transfers – these can take up to eight weeks.

Transferring ISAs to Bestinvest

  • We’ll pay up to £500 for any exit fees your providers charge*
  • The transfer takes as little as a week with most providers
  • Our specialist team oversees the transfer
  • You’ll get a multi-award winning ISA account and online service.
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Important information

*Terms and conditions apply. Exit fees may apply if you leave Bestinvest.

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The benefits of consolidating your ISAs or pensions

The benefits of consolidating your ISAs or Pensions

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