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The Tilney Investment Podcast – should you start investing right now?

This edition of our podcast features Emma Sterland, a Financial Planning Partner, and Gareth Lewis, Tilney’s Head of Investment Strategy. They discuss what to do with cash in today’s challenging interest-rate environment
Published on 16 October 2020

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Highlights of this episode

01:25 – The challenges of low interest rates and inflation in the UK

04:44 – Global tech businesses seem immune from the short-term impacts of Covid, says Gareth

07:14 – A holistic view and a long time horizon are key to investing today, according to Gareth

09:54 – Gareth’s outlook for investors in the next months: cherry-picking won’t be a solution

13:45 – A way of protecting yourself from risk is “to focus on the quality of what you own”

19:32 – Will investing cash right now get you to a better place in ten years?

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