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Are you looking for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to invest in? Bestinvest offers a big choice of ETF funds that you can add to an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Investment Account.

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What is an ETF?

An ETF works a bit like a stock and a bit like a fund. You can buy shares in an ETF on the stock market and its price will rise or fall depending on its performance.

An ETF is a basket of assets such as individual stocks or bonds. They typically passively track the performance of a commodity or stock market index such as the FTSE 100, or they can be more focused, tracking something like Chinese energy companies or US e-commerce firms. ETFs can also be actively managed, regularly adding in new stocks and shedding others.

What they provide is diverse, low-cost exposure to new markets, assets, or sectors without you having to buy them individually.

ETFs can be high risk and complex and may not be suitable for retail investors, so you should make sure you understand all the risks involved before investing.

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