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How to invest

How to invest

Investing 101
With investment, your capital is at risk

Beginner's guide

If you’re considering investing but want to understand the basics before you get started – or you’ve got some investments but want to learn more – you’re in the right place. We’ve created these lessons – along with a collection of videos, podcasts and articles – to help you on your way.

Lesson one: What is investing?

Understand the basic purposes of investing and get started with our five reasons to invest.

Lesson two: Where do I start with investing?

Prepare to invest: choose an investment platform that’s right for you.

Lesson three: Accounts – a home for your money

Discover the benefits and quirks of ISAs, SIPPs and Investment Accounts and choose the home that suits you best.

Lesson four: What can I invest in?

Get acquainted with the function and purpose of different investments from the stock markets to funds, bonds and beyond.

Lesson five: Building an investment portfolio

Find out how you can build an investment portfolio that’s aligned with your goals.

Lesson six: Investing versus cash savings

Strike your balance between investing, cash savings and inflation.

Lesson seven: Charges, fees and costs

Evaluate the range of investment fees and charges so you know what to expect.

Lesson eight: Regulation – the many commandments

Discover the regulations keeping your money safe – and how you can help.

Lesson nine: The impact of time: compounding explained

Identify why investments need time and how compounding encourages exponential growth.

Lesson ten: What is risk?

Recognise the importance of risk and three important things to consider when thinking about risk.