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We're listening to feedback and evolving our platform to meet your needs. This page will be updated with the latest improvements, tweaks and new features.

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Latest enhancements

Redesigned investment dashboard

Your dashboard has a new look to make visualising performance over time easier.

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New look and feel to our website

We’ve completely refreshed our site, from top to bottom. It’s easier to navigate, it’s more purple and we’ve got some great new illustrations (look out for ice cream cones and pigs in sunglasses…).

Book coaching sessions directly with our Coaches

We introduced Calendly which allows you to book a call with any of our qualified Coaches directly in their calendar.

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Life plan

Life plan is the place where you can set, track and achieve goals which are meaningful to you.

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Expert coaching

Whether you're just getting started with investing or you've got more complex decisions to make, our coaches are there for you.

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Smart Ready-made Portfolios

We launched our new low-cost Smart Ready-made Portfolios alongside our existing actively-managed Expert Ready-made Portfolios.

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