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Investment advice

Investment advice

Looking for a personalised investment recommendation? We offer two low-cost packages that can help you build and maintain your portfolio. From just £295 inc VAT.

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Why investment advice?

Why investment advice?

At Bestinvest, we believe in letting you make your own financial decisions, with free pointers from our Coaches if you want them. But we also recognise that managing your investments takes time that you may not have to spare. That’s why we’ve put together two low-cost advice packages that offer professional help when you need it most.

Image: Investing for your goals - £295 inc. VAT

Investing for your goals - £295 inc. VAT

If you’re new to investing or have cash that you’re ready to invest.

How it works

One of our Coaches will talk through your goals with you, establishing what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it by, and how adventurous you want to be.

Your report

After your advice session, we’ll send you a report with:

  • A recommendation for a Ready-made Portfolio - if you want to leave it to the experts
  • A blueprint for creating your own portfolio - if you prefer to do it yourself

Your blueprint will show you how to spread your money across different types of asset - such as shares, bonds and cash - in line with your goals. It will also advise how you can invest to take advantage of your tax allowances.

Image: Portfolio Health Check - £495 inc. VAT

Portfolio Health Check - £495 inc. VAT

If your money is already invested on Bestinvest or in cash and you want someone to look at it with fresh eyes and suggest a portfolio of third-party funds or one of our Ready-made Portfolios.

How it works

One of our Investment Advisors will talk through your investments with you, carefully checking to see whether your existing portfolio accurately reflects your aims and attitude towards risk.

Your report

After your advice session, we’ll send you a report, detailing:

  • Whether to keep or sell each of your existing holdings
  • What to buy if you choose to sell any holdings or invest more cash
  • Advice on suitable Ready-made Portfolios, if you decide to simplify your investing.

How to book your advice session

If you know you want one of the advice packages, you can specify which one you want when you book. If you’re not sure, talk to your Coach first to find out if the packages are right for you.

Already have a Bestinvest account? Log in and book a time that suits you.

New to Bestinvest? You can book online here.

The right adviser for you

The right adviser for you

With Bestinvest you can be sure that we’ll pick the right adviser to meet your needs. If you choose our Investing for your goals package, your Coach will be a qualified financial planner who is trained to help you achieve your investment goals.If you choose our Portfolio Health Check, your Coach will be an expert investment adviser from our sister company, Evelyn Partners.

One low-cost fee

One low-cost fee

With Bestinvest, you only pay for the advice you need. Unlike some companies, we don’t charge ongoing fees, meaning that more of your cash will go towards your future rather than vanishing in charges. For one low-cost fee, you can get advice from a qualified professional that will more than pay for itself in the long term. 

Investing made easy

Investing made easy

If you choose one of our advice packages, there’s no need to pick your investments yourself. Your adviser can recommend a Ready-made Portfolio that’s right for you and which will be looked after by our specialist investment team. Alternatively they can recommend a bespoke range of investments that you’ll need to keep track of over time. We’ll send you the costs of these investments in your report.

Not sure if you need advice?

Book a free coaching session to explore whether advice may be right for you.

Frequently asked questions

Our advisers offer what’s known as ‘restricted financial advice’. This means they are restricted to offering advice on investments you hold with Bestinvest. We are also restricted on the investments we can advisee you buy. For example we don’t recommend individual shares.

If you’re thinking of joining Bestinvest, you could always book our Investing for your goals package to see how you could get your investing off to a flying start. But our Portfolio Health Check is only available to existing clients or people who want to invest cash into a range of 3rd party funds that we can put together for you.

If you take a look at our coaching page, you’ll see that you can get a free session to help with your investing. This will give you information on different types of investments and principles to follow. But if you would like a personal recommendation on your investing, you would need to book either of our advice packages.

To make sure your advice session is as productive as possible, please fill in the information about your finances and your risk questionnaire beforehand. If you already have a Bestinvest account then you can log in and do this on the Coaching page. If you don’t, the team will be in touch with how you can provide this information.