Spot the Dog

The effects of long-term underperformance can be devastating on your savings. Spot the Dog helps you spot the runts of the litter in your portfolio.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Spot the Dog has been exposing badly performing funds since it launched in 1994. Our investment experts scrutinise funds from all sectors, identifying constant poor performers and highlighting best-of-breed alternatives in Spot the Dog.

What is Spot the Dog?

Far from being a Crufts-like showcase of top dogs, Spot the Dog lists the bad mutts of the fund management industry. It uses statistical fund performance data to identify funds that have consistently performed badly compared to their benchmark.

It doesn’t win us any points with fund managers, but as you might have money stagnating in funds with abysmal performance records, we believe you have a right to know which funds those are.

In the latest edition of Spot the Dog:

  • Some of the dogs escaped the pound! This edition sees 86 dog funds on our list, up from the pawful 77 we found previously

  • We outline the ruff canines against those that have the pet-tential

  • There’s a new ‘top dog’ in town. But which hound has fetched the title?

  • Some beefy Saint Bernards have arrived at the kennels, with some sizeable funds managed by some of the industry’s most recognisable names

Speak to an expert

As a dog whisperer helps with problem dogs, our friendly team can help with any concerns you have about your investments.

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