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Keeping your details safe

Keeping your details safe

Keeping your details safe

At Evelyn Partners we take information and IT security seriously.

Our dedicated information security team works to ensure that your personal information and your online account are safe and secure to use. Fraudsters constantly creating new ways to try and steal your information and threats are continually evolving. We have produced some advice and guidance to show how we protect you, details on how to protect yourself, and what to do if you think you may have been a victim of fraud. We hope you find these useful. 

Security news

Keep up to date with the growing number of ways fraudsters may try to compromise accounts or steal your information..

What do we do to protect your information?

Protecting your information

What can you do to protect your information?

Protecting your information

General guidance on protecting your information

There are a number of steps that you can take to protect your personal information online:

Where to get help or further information?

We have provided further information and resources that can help if you are worried about or have experienced fraud.

Types of fraud

The ways in which fraudsters are attempting to get access to your information and accounts are evolving constantly. We have produced a list of fraud types with a further explanation.

Client security guidance

Fraudsters are continually coming up with new ways to get in touch with consumers and trick them into divulging personal information or even handing over cash. By being aware of the different tricks used by criminals you can help protect your information and finances.

Fraudulent activity

We take the threat of fraud seriously and have policies and procedures in place to protect our clients and investors.

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