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We give you everything you need to choose and manage your own investments. Our Online Investment Service is easy to use and we keep you updated with our expert investment news, views and research, with a telephone team on hand to answer any questions. While you look after your own investments, you won’t be alone.

Reasons to choose us

Great value

It’s free to open an account or transfer investments and you’ll pay 0.4% or less in annual fees.


Pick your own investments or choose a Ready-made Portfolio.

It’s easy

Open an account in minutes, use all our free investment research and call our friendly experts if you need any help.

What the service gives you

Expert research
Get investment inspiration from our regular articles and updates, monthly research roundups and bigger publications such as Spot the Dog and Our Top-rated Funds.
Analyse your investments
View your Investment Report – a detailed overview of your level of investment risk, asset allocation and investment rating when you log into your account.
See everything in one place
Check the value of your investments around the clock. See them alongside your other finances on your Personal Balance Sheet.
Search a range of investments
Search and filter thousands of investments in just a few clicks. Browse more than 2,500 funds plus hundreds of investment trusts, ETFs and most UK shares.
Link your family’s accounts
See the bigger picture – if other family members have Bestinvest accounts, you can link them to review your finances together in one place.
Create portfolios
Group your accounts and investments together into individual portfolios linked to different goals, such as saving for retirement or paying off a mortgage.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to open an account and buy or sell funds. Our tiered annual account fees help you keep costs to a minimum.

ISA, Investment Account and Junior ISA

Up to £250,000


£250,000 - £1 million


Over £1 million



Up to £250,000


£250,000 - £1 million


Over £1 million


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Choose your own investments

With Bestinvest you get access to thousands of funds, UK shares, investment trusts and ETFs. You can use our investment search tool to browse and filter all of the investments easily, and take advantage of our guides and articles if you need some inspiration or ideas.

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Invest in a Ready-made Portfolio

Our Ready-made Portfolios are the effortless way to invest. Each portfolio contains a mix of investments chosen by our expert team. We look after the portfolio for you over time, so you’ll always be invested in our best and latest ideas. We have four portfolios available to suit different goals and attitudes to risk.

Choose a portfolio

We can recommend a Ready-made Portfolio

If you want to invest in a Ready-made Portfolio but aren’t sure which one to choose, with our Bestinvest Plus service our advisers can show you the portfolio that would be right for you. They will talk to you about your finances and how you feel about investing, and then give you a personalised recommendation.

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Choose your account


A SIPP is a Self-invested Personal Pension. Our Best SIPP gives you control over your pension investments.

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Save for the future with our Stocks & Shares ISA, a simple and tax-free account for your investments.

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Junior ISA

A Junior ISA lets you save for a child’s future. They work in much the same way as a normal ISA.

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Investment account

This simple account is for investments held outside your pensions and ISAs.

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