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Would you like to speak to one of our coaches about your investments and financial plans? They are all qualified financial planners and can offer guidance at no cost to you.

They can also help you explore whether you could benefit from a personalised recommendation through one of our new advice services.

Here’s how Bestinvest Plus works

  1. Tell us some details about your finances and your investment experience via a quick online questionnaire
  2. One of our coaches will call to discuss whatever you want to achieve and give you hints and tips to help you

    If you get everything you need from this guidance then you’re all sorted.

    If you want a personal recommendation on how or where to invest, your coach can also help you understand whether one of our advice packages is right for you and line you up with someone with the appropriate expertise.

  3. If you go ahead with one of our advice services, we’ll take more detail about your specific requirements and objectives and create a report that comes with a recommendation for you
  4. If you’re happy with the recommendation, it’ll only take minutes to invest

Why choose Bestinvest Plus?

Here are 3 very good reasons to use Bestinvest Plus


Bestinvest Plus advisers

We all know that it’s the people behind a service that really make the difference. With Bestinvest Plus you’ll get to speak to a qualified financial planner who can give you guidance. If you want personal advice, they’ll make sure you’re speaking to someone with the right expertise to help. And if you invest in a Bestinvest Ready-made Portfolio, you’ll have a successful team looking after it around the clock.


Bestinvest Plus is great value for money meaning that more of your cash will go towards your future rather than vanishing in big advisory fees. If you choose to take guidance, then you’ll get access to a qualified financial planner free of charge, which could prove invaluable. And our advice packages are competitively priced if you do want a personalised recommendation.


If you go for advice, there’s no need to choose your investments yourself. Your adviser can recommend a Ready-made Portfolio that’s right for you and which will be looked after by our specialist investment team. But remember, investments can go down as well as up and you could lose money.

Introducing our Bestinvest Plus coaches

Unlike many other investment services, our coaches are qualified financial planners. And our advice is always given by someone with the right expertise to help you, whether it’s with your financial plans or investments.

What if I want more personalised advice?

We have two advice packages for clients who want it

  1. Goal-based investment advice to recommend how to invest based on your objectives, time horizon and attitude to risk. We’ll also recommend which of our Ready-made Portfolios is most appropriate for you and show you how you can invest to take advantage of tax allowances. All for £295 + VAT.
  2. Portfolio health check to run through your existing investments with you and recommend which you might want to keep or sell. We’ll also recommend a suitable investment strategy for any cash or sales proceeds. All for £495 + VAT.