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Do you have £20,000 or more, want to invest but don’t know which investments are right for you? With Bestinvest Plus you can get a personal recommendation from an expert adviser before you invest. Bestinvest Plus is a simple and affordable way to get the advice you need before you commit. 

Here’s how Bestinvest Plus works

Investing through Bestinvest Plus couldn’t be easier. Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Tell us some details about your finances and your investment experience via a quick online questionnaire
  2. One of our advisers will call to talk to you in more detail about your specific requirements and your objectives
  3. After the call, your adviser will create a report that comes with a recommendation for a Bestinvest Ready-made Portfolio
  4. If you’re happy with the recommendation, it’ll only take minutes to invest
  5. Through your Bestinvest dashboard, you can see how your portfolio is doing and add or withdraw money at any time

There is no charge to you for this advice. It is at our cost.

Why choose Bestinvest Plus?

Here are 3 very good reasons to invest your money using Bestinvest Plus


Bestinvest Plus advisers

We all know that it’s the people behind a service that really make the difference. With Bestinvest Plus you’ll get professional advice from an experienced adviser before you invest. And with your money in a Bestinvest Ready-made Portfolio, you’ll have a successful team looking after it around the clock.


Bestinvest Plus is great value for money meaning that more of your money will go towards your future rather than vanishing in fees. It’s an affordable way to get the advice you need before you invest and to have your investments managed by a team of professionals.


With Bestinvest Plus there’s no need to choose investments yourself. Your adviser will recommend a ready-made investment portfolio that is right for you and this portfolio will be looked after by our specialist investment team. But remember, investments can go down as well as up and you could lose money.

Introducing our Bestinvest Plus advisers

Our Bestinvest Plus advisers are all qualified financial advisers with Tilney Financial Planning Limited – a connected entity within the Tilney Smith & Williamson Group. They have lots of experience of helping people make investment decisions and could help you get the most from your money.

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About Bestinvest’s Ready-made Portfolios

Bestinvest’s Ready-made Portfolios take the hard work out of investing. Each contains a mix of investments that are chosen and managed by the investment team at Tilney. Different portfolios suit different people so your Bestinvest Plus adviser will recommend the one that is right for you.

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