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Pension transfer - £250 cashback and up to half price service fees

Pension transfer - £250 cashback and up to half price service fees

You’ve worked hard to build up your pension pot. Get it to work harder for you with our special pension transfer offer.

IconPension transfer offer benefits

50% discount on SIPP service fees – service fees cut from 0.4% to 0.2% for the first £250k invested in your SIPP when you transfer at least £30k to us. Plus a cashback reward of £250. Terms and conditions apply.

Pension transfer offer benefits

Why choose the Best SIPP?

  • Invest your pension how you want to

    Our experts can manage your investments, you can invest your money with help from a Coach or you can take care of everything yourself. It's up to you

  • Fantastic value

    As well as our cutting our SIPP service fees from 0.4% to 0.2% (up to £250K), we also pay up to £500 per customer towards exit fees from other providers for transfers over £50,000. Terms and conditions apply

  • A great range of investments

    Pick from a wider variety of shares, thousands of funds and ETFs than other traditional pensions. You'll also benefit from our excellent fund factsheets, guides and articles. Our UK-based experts are here to help you if you need support

  • Freedom with your money

    When the time comes to retire, you have the freedom to take an income from your pension in a way that suits you best

I’m in! How do I get my rewards? (Promotion now expired)

Step 1

Make one or more full account transfers to your Bestinvest pension account totalling £30k or more.

Step 2

Register for the promotion by completing this form. You'll need your Bestinvest account number, so if you are new to Bestinvest, make sure you open an account before completing the form.

Step 3

Remember to invest the money once it hits your account – the offer does not apply if the money is left in cash. Provided that you qualify, the £250 cashback reward will either be paid into your Investment Account (if applicable) or your nominated bank account*.

Don’t forget to check that this offer is right for you and take some time to read the offer terms and conditions

  • Timeframe – your transfer(s) needs to be initiated between 31 May 2023 to 31 August 2023 and remain invested, not held in cash, for at least six months after the offer has ended 

*It will appear shortly after this six-month period, so not before March 2024

Got any questions about transferring your pension?

Check your pension plan – look for various benefits such as preferential annuity rates, terminal bonuses or a tax-free cash entitlement which is greater than the usual amount.

An easy way to find out – check the difference between your pension fund value and transfer value. Your old pension plan could have exit penalties or reduced benefits if your scheme is a with-profits fund (where you pool your investments).


Weigh up your options – under workplace pension rules, your employer is required to pay at least 3% of your salary into a workplace pension scheme. By transferring out, you could lose these contributions. Our pensions transfer offer is not intended to encourage you to discontinue your current workplace pension scheme.

It’s unlikely to be advisable – final salary pensions or defined benefits schemes can offer valuable guaranteed benefits. You could consolidate your other pensions and leave the final salary pension where it is. With these types of pensions, it is unlikely to be advisable to transfer.

Take the time to compare pension fees – it’s a good idea to compare fees as well as functionality when you are thinking about transferring your pension.

You should also be aware that when transferring, you may choose to sell down your holdings which means your pension will not be subject to any rises or falls in the market which occur during that time. A new arrangement may be more expensive – especially if you have a stakeholder or a workplace pension.

Your transfer needs to be initiated between 31 May 2023 to 31 August 2023 and remain invested for at least six months after the offer has ended to trigger £250 cashback reward.

If you qualify, your cashback reward will be paid to an Investment Account if you have one or to your nominated bank account shortly after this six-month period has elapsed, i.e. not before March 2024.

Regardless of the choices you make you should always remember that investments go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount originally invested. SIPPs are not suitable for everyone. If you are in doubt as to a course of action, you should seek professional advice.