The Best SIPP

Bestinvest’s low-cost personal pension

The Best SIPP is a low-cost personal pension from award-winning provider Bestinvest. You get the same tax benefits as other pensions with more freedom and choice over your retirement investments. You can manage your pension online around the clock and invest how you like.

Benefits of the Best SIPP

  • Low fees

    Pay just 0.3% a year in service fees or less for bigger pensions (plus a £100 + VAT annual administration charge), with no account set-up fees and free fund dealing.

  • Invest how you like

    Choose your own investments, get help from an investment adviser or let us take care of everything for you.

  • It’s easy

    You can access your online account around the clock and call our UK-based experts if you need any help.

  • Award-winning pension

    We won Best Low-cost SIPP Provider at the Investors Chronicle and FT Awards in 2017 and 2018, Best SIPP Provider at the Shares Awards 2018 and Best SIPP for Beginners at the Moneywise Pension Awards 2018.

Please also see the important information below.

Open a Best SIPP

Open a SIPP online with your debit card in a few minutes.

Choose how to invest

The Best SIPP gives you the freedom to invest how you like. You can choose from more than 2,500 funds, ETFs, investment trusts and nearly all UK shares. Alternatively, let our experts choose and manage your investments with a low-cost Ready-made Portfolio or invest with support from an investment adviser through Tilney.

Our low-cost SIPP fees

Our annual Best SIPP charges reduce as your pension grows in size:

Up to £250,000 £250,000 - £1 million Over £1 million
0.3% a year 0.2% a year Free

There is also a £100 + VAT annual administration fee which is payable in four quarterly instalments. We don't charge this fee on our Child SIPP.

Why transfer your other pensions into the Best SIPP?

Consolidating your pension investments in the Best SIPP will make them easier to manage and review*. Plus, with fewer pension providers you could save money in fees and will have less paperwork to deal with.

We will pay you up to £500 towards your exit fees.

If your current pension providers charge you exit fees when you transfer, we will pay up to £500 to cover the costs**. Our team of specialists will then contact your current providers to arrange the transfers, and everything could be finished in as little as 15 days (or up to 12 weeks with some providers).

Thinking of opening a Best SIPP for a child?

Many people choose to open a Best SIPP for the children in their lives. A Child’s SIPP may not seem like an obvious choice, but even small contributions can make a huge difference to their retirement finances over the long term. You can find out more about pensions for children or download our Child SIPP application form.

Open a Best SIPP

Opening a Best SIPP online takes just a few minutes. Simply invest a lump sum, set up regular savings or transfer your other pensions. You can also print and send the paper application forms or contact our specialist SIPP team on 020 7189 9999 if you need some help.

Open a SIPP Transfer a pension

Important information

*Before you consider transferring a pension, it is important to ask yourself: Will I lose any valuable benefits or features from my existing pension plan? Will I incur any penalties on my existing pension if I transfer? Is it an occupational final salary pension scheme? (in which case it is very unlikely to be advisable to transfer) Have I considered the charges on my current plan? (a new arrangement may be more expensive – especially if you have a stakeholder pension).

**Subject to terms and conditions. Exit fees may apply if you decide to leave Bestinvest.

SIPPs are not suitable for everyone. They may not be right for you if you don’t want to invest across different asset classes or don’t think you will make use of the investment choices available to you. Please contact us for guidance or advice if you are unsure.