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Our Top-Rated Funds are our research team’s pick of investments across all major sectors. We believe these funds have the potential to deliver for you over the long term.

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Whether you’re looking for highly rated UK funds, more adventurous investments from the emerging markets or even specialist funds such as those investing in property, you will find our top picks here. We update the list twice a year, so only funds we believe are of the highest quality make it in.

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How we select funds

A fund is top-rated if we have given it three stars or more, which means it is very high quality and one we have a strong conviction in. When rating funds, we track the performance of the fund manager rather than reviewing a fund’s historical returns.

  • Our team has more than 400 face-to-face meetings with managers each year
  • We examine the full record of each manager in their relevant sector and take a number of factors into account, including career history, relative performance, cumulative performance and risk controls
  • We carry out statistical analysis to check that this performance is the result of skill rather than chance
  • When assigning a star rating to a fund we also consider qualitative factors. We look at how closely each manager’s interests are aligned with those of their investors, for example how much of their own wealth is invested in their funds.

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