Transfer your ISAs

Transferring to the Bestinvest Stocks & Shares ISA

Bestinvest has everything to help you make the most of your investments. Give your ISA(s) a new lease of life by transferring to our award-winning Stocks & Shares ISA. It’s easy!

​Why should I transfer?

Often, it’s good to have just one ISA account so all your investments are in one place – it makes them easier to manage. Plus you can sometimes save on provider fees this way too, and paperwork!

Why choose Bestinvest?

  • Our ISA is easy to manage and has a friendly, helpful telephone team to go with it
  • We have plenty of investment choice – more than 1,600 funds plus ETFs, investment trusts and almost all UK shares
  • Our digital transfer takes just 10 minutes and our team handles all the paperwork in a transfer via post
  • We have Ready-made Portfolios, for those who want a hands-off approach to investing

How much is it?

It doesn’t cost a penny to transfer to us and we’ll pay up to £500 towards any exit fees your providers charge.*

You get value for money with tiered service fees of 0.4% or less a year, no set-up fees and share dealing for just £7.50 a trade.

How long does it take?

ISA transfers can take as little as a week (although some providers still do things manually, which takes longer).

If you transfer via paper/post, the process takes as little as a week (but transferring from some providers can take a while longer).

Start a digital ISA transfer

Transfer an ISA in less than 10 minutes

Our transfer team is here to help

No matter whether you transfer online in 10 minutes or submit a paper transfer, our team are here to make sure it runs smoothly and keep you updated.

If you have any questions, just get in touch – it’s what we’re here for!

Important information

*Terms and conditions apply. Exit fees may apply if you leave Bestinvest.

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