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Do you need any help with your investments?

Getting on top of your pensions, ISAs and other investments can be easy. Sometimes all you need is a quick phone call – and we can help. Find out how in this article.

Published on 05 Aug 20194 minute read

How we can help

We have a team of experts that can help with your investments. They can:

  • Take a look at the investments you already have to make sure your money is working hard for you
  • See if you could benefit from consolidating your investments
  • Make sure you’ve seen (and are using!) our extensive research
  • Tell you about any guides that might be of interest

What can you expect?

If you need a hand deciphering pension statements, want to chat about the investments in your ISA, or want to know Bestinvest’s opinion on any of the investments you hold, we can help – but remember this is just our opinion, not a recommendation to buy or sell any investments! We'll give you a ring and can talk to you about your pensions, ISAs and other investments, as well as answer any general queries you might have. We can also show you how you can make the most of your money using the Bestinvest Online Investment Service.

‘We can talk you through your options so you can then make your own decisions about what to do with your money.’

As we’re providing free guidance, we can’t tell you what you should do. We’re here to provide information and talk you through your options so you can then make your own decisions about what to do with your money. If you feel you need a personal recommendation, we can point you in the direction of Tilney, our sister company, for advice.

Our team

Below we introduce two members of the team you might speak to.

Mark Beauchamp

‘Seeing the relief on people's faces when their finances are finally in order is one of the biggest perks of the job.’

Mark is based in the Bracknell office. He gets in early and fills the day with speaking to people over the phone and helping them with their investments and wider finances. He has a BSc in Biology, but has been in the investment industry since day one, straight out of university. His first role was as a research analyst, and he’s well-equipped to help you out at the drop of a hat. For example, he often helps people in the early stages of their careers to make sure their money is working hard for their futures.

Some fun facts: ‘My partner and I are both keen cyclists. Last year, I went to France and cycled most of the stage 5 of the Tour de France between Marseille and Nice.’

‘My grandad is from a small town in – what is now – Ukraine called İvano-Frankove and we still have some relatives there so I’m currently trying to teach myself Ukrainian so I can go and visit. I am struggling with the Cyrillic alphabet though... A LOT.’

Dominic Ollis

‘Out of everything, I enjoy helping people understand their finances and options the most so that they can achieve their goals.’

Dominic is based in Bristol and has 10 years in finance under his belt. He helps many people who take a DIY approach to their investments, but want some guidance from a professional first so they can hear what they need to know clearly and concisely. He doesn’t just give guidance on investments – for example, he also helps people to make sense of their pensions after they’ve changed jobs several times.

Some fun facts: ‘I have a wife and a 5 year old son, so most of my time is taken up with children’s parties – there seems to be at least one a week. If not that, I’m building spaceships out of cardboard boxes!’

‘I live in Somerset and my mum has an orchard so we get to make proper Somerset cider. The orchard also has alpacas in it that my mum also owns!’

Have an investment check-up

If you’d rather not review your investments alone, we offer free investment coaching with qualified financial planners. They can give you some pointers and also talk to you about our low-cost advice packages. Just book online at a time that suits you.

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