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Is this the most important tax-year end ever?

With the UK tax burden set to rise to the highest level since the second world war and key allowances being frozen or cut, it is more important than ever to maximise your tax allowances while you can. After all you’ve worked hard for your money.

Published on 24 Mar 20231 minute read

Our tax-year end webinar explores the recent tax changes and is packed with tips from our award-winning industry commentator and Managing Director of Bestinvest, Jason Hollands, and Personal Finance Analyst Alice Haine who will be talking about how you can make the most of your tax allowances before this tax year draws to a close.

In this recording Alice and Jason will discuss:

  • Why the number of people paying the higher rates of tax are set to skyrocket next year
  • How allowances are changing from 6 April and how you could maximise them beforehand
  • The most efficient and effective ways of lowering your tax bill
  • How to gift money in a tax-efficient way
  • How to build a tax-saving strategy going forward


No personal advice will be given during this recording and please note tax rules can change and benefits depend on personal circumstances.

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