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What can an investment Coach do for your portfolio?

Discover how one free 45-minute investment coaching session helped Alistair get his portfolio and early retirement plans back on track.

Published on 28 Feb 20233 minute read

Written by Frances Bruce

Meet Alistair Fitzgerald. He’s asked us not to use his real name but he’s happy for us to tell you about his coaching experience. Alistair is 57, works as a global learning director and plans to retire early. He booked a free coaching session with us to talk through his concerns around rising inflation and market volatility.

Does your risk profile match your investment strategy?

During the coaching session Alistair and his Coach Elliot Lee discovered Alistair’s SIPP portfolio held a mix of cautious and growth funds from our Expert range of Ready-made Portfolios. Trouble is, Alistair wanted the level of risk and reward that comes with a more “adventurous” portfolio. 

Alistair said, “The central thing Elliott helped me understand is that there is no point working out your strategy and risk profile and then having cautious and growth in your portfolio.”

“The call with Elliott helped me to translate my intentions and my strategy into investment actions that were much more aligned with what I wanted. I didn’t have the skill to be able to really do that before and clumsily ended up with something that didn’t meet my goals.” 

Thanks to one free investment coaching session, Alistair was able to reset his portfolio and get his plans to retire early back on track.

How can coaching help with investments?

All our Coaches are qualified financial planners. One of the perks of talking to a financial planner is their insight into helping you plan and achieve financial goals. They cannot give advice on individual investments – but they can always pass you on to someone who can.

Coaching allows investors like Alistair to take a step back and focus on their financial goals, work out how much they can afford to invest and how they can feel more comfortable making their own decisions.

“My role isn’t to tell investors what to do, but to give them a thorough understanding of possible merits and risks of the options available to them so they can choose the way forward themselves.”  

“I worked as a sounding board for Alistair and allowed him to help make sense of his current situation and his financial plans, both in the longer term and the short,” said Elliott.

He was also able to teach Alistair how pensions work as well as explain important differences between the different accounts such as ISAs and SIPPs.

One free 45-minute coaching session made all the difference to Alistair’s investment portfolio – and his plans to retire early.  What could a free coaching session at Bestinvest do for you?

How free investment coaching at Bestinvest can help you

It’s amazing what a free 45-minute coaching session at Bestinvest can do for your investments. All our Coaches are qualified financial planners, here to help you ace your financial objectives and investment goals for free.

But what can you expect to achieve from a 45-minute chat with a financial planner? Our Head Coach Matthew Morgan shares the top 5 coaching topics:

  1. Portfolio: is my current selection right for me, what could I be doing better?
  2. Investments: how do I generate an income from my investments?
  3. Retirement: when and how do I plan for retirement? I need support for complex areas such as pensions
  4. Peace of mind: help me reduce the impact of inflation and interest rates on cash savings
  5. Tax: help me understand how the lifetime allowance and inheritance tax work


Get an expert’s perspective on your financial plans and investment goals in no time at all. It’s easy to book free coaching at Bestinvest. Simply select a date and time that suits you.

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