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New edition – Spot the Dog

The new edition of Spot the Dog is now available to read. Our infamous guide names and shames consistently underperforming funds – exposing the howlers across different sectors and providing pedigree pick alternatives to help your investments retrieve golden returns.

Published on 08 Feb 20191 minute read

Written by Jason Hollands

Who’s in the doghouse?

  • In this edition we found 111 dog funds holding £54.6 billion of assets – this is the highest level we’ve ever recorded
  • The UK Equities kennel is the biggest, with 59 dog funds comprising £35.9 billion of assets
  • There is a Great Dane sized new entrant from an extremely well-known fund manager who has struggled in recent years


Find out if any of your funds are in the doghouse by downloading your copy of Spot the Dog today.

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