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New edition of Our Top ISA Investment Ideas

At this time of year many people are trying to make the most of their ISA allowance before it resets in April 2018. If you need some inspiration for using your allowance, download this new guide to see our best investment ideas for your ISA.

Published on 21 Feb 20182 minute read

What’s in the guide?

Inside the guide is a collection of funds that we think have the best chance of performing well for investors. We look at:

  • A number of global funds managed by some of the biggest names in the fund management industry
  • Why UK funds remain a good ISA investment choice despite the uncertainty Brexit has caused in the UK
  • A number of fund ideas from the riskier, but potentially higher-growth emerging markets
  • How you can invest easily and have your funds managed by an expert through a Ready-made Portfolio

Download the guide


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It is quick and easy to set up an ISA with us. With a debit card you can invest online from £100 – or you can set up regular savings from £50 a month. If you don’t have any new money to invest right now, why not open an account by moving some of your existing ISAs over to Bestinvest? We’ll even pay you up to £500 toward any exit fees charged by your existing provider*.

  • We have an award-winning service – we were voted Best Stocks & Shares ISA Provider at the Shares Awards 2017
  • Excellent value for money – we have no set-up fees and it’s free to buy and sell funds
  • We give you freedom to invest in the way that’s right for you – choose a Ready-made Portfolio or manage your own investments
  • We have a wide range of 2,500 funds plus ETFs and UK shares for you to choose from

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If you want some more information about opening an ISA or about our top ISA investment ideas, call us on 020 7189 9999 or email


Important information

*Exit fees may apply if you leave Bestinvest

Different funds carry varying levels of risk depending on the geographical region and industry sector in which they invest. You should make yourself aware of these specific risks prior to investing. Underlying investments in emerging markets are generally less well regulated than the UK. There is an increased chance of political and economic instability with less reliable custody, dealing and settlement arrangements. The market(s) can be less liquid. If a fund investing in markets is affected by currency exchange rates, the investment could both increase or decrease. These investments therefore carry more risk. 

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