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The Tilney Investment Podcast – what’s in store for 2022?

In January we’re looking back over 2021 and discussing the outlook for 2022. Listen to Sam Coppin, an investment director from Tilney’s London office, putting Ben Seager-Scott, our Head of Multi-asset Funds through his paces. They discuss inflation, quantitative tightening, asset classes in a rising interest-rate environment and more.

Published on 11 Jan 20222 minute read

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Episode overview

01.19 Looking back: energy did particularly well last year but in 2020 it was the worst performer – it got hammered. It’s volatile and highly cyclical.

03.00 There are a lot of Covid reasons to blame for emerging market performance in 2021 but, more generally, these markets are less able to deal with downturns. We see some emerging market headwinds remaining this year.

08.45 Aside from Covid, inflation is the ‘topic de jour’. Ben talks about it hanging in the 2-4% range in the medium term.

13.30 We hear about quantitative tightening, which Ben sees as coming sooner rather than later.

15.20 Sam and Ben discuss asset classes in an environment with rising interest rates and yields.

23.45 On other themes in 2022, Ben talks about a continued push into sustainable investing. With the tech industry needing an eye-watering amount of energy, he also highlights the tension between tech and sustainable.



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