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The Tilney Investment Podcast – how monetary stimulus affects the markets

This edition of our podcast features Holly Merriman, Director of Investment Management with Ben Seager-Scott, Head of Multi-asset Funds. They talk about how monetary stimulus affects the stock markets and what we can expect from the second half of 2019.
Ben Seager-Scott Ben Seager-Scott
01 July 2019

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Highlights of this episode

01:00 A recap of how the markets performed in June and the reasons for this, including improved sentiment and strong performance from global equities.

04:25 Why what happens in China has such a strong impact on the rest of the global economy, and how changes to Chinese fiscal stimulus could affect the rest of the world.

07:30 Are the economic fundamentals still supportive of equities as we enter the second half of 2019, and what are the main risks over the next six months?

11:00 The impact that the current market environment is having on other assets such as bonds and gold, and why there are separate risks to consider for these assets that are considered to be ‘safe havens’.

13:25 Have there been any significant changes to our investment outlook since the start of the year?

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