The Tilney Investment Podcast – Measuring the impact of global events on markets

This edition of our podcast features Justin Ogilvie, an investment director from our Bristol office, and Ben Seager-Scott, Tilney’s Head of Multi-asset Funds. They talk about the latest global events and how they affected markets in the past month.

Ben Seager-Scott Ben Seager-Scott
03 February 2020

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Highlights of this episode

01:17 – The round-up of markets in January is “far from boring”

03:00 – Asset managers and sustainability: is climate risk investment risk?

07:29 – Coronavirus and US-Iran tensions are heavily impacting the economy

11:31 – Will the Bank of England cut interest rates?

15:06 – UK’s farewell to Europe: pressure to get the deal done before the end of the year

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