The Tilney Investment Podcast – US politics, vaccine news, UK equities: here’s 2021 so far

This edition of our podcast features Robin Adamson, an Investment Director, and Ben Seager-Scott, Tilney’s Head of Multi-asset Funds. They discuss the challenges facing the global economy in 2021
Published on 14 January 2021

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Highlights of this episode

01:47 – Ben’s 2020 market recap

06:03 – US politics: Ben’s take on the Democratic ‘blue wave’ and the Federal Reserve stimulus package

10:36 – Is Covid-19 vaccine news driving the UK rally?

13:50 – Worries around ‘black gold’: Ben’s outlook for oil prices

18:06 – The potential impact of UK stimulus measures on the banking sector

19:59 – The rise of bitcoin: Ben’s personal view on one of the most famous ‘cryptocurrencies’

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