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Where did our clients invest in December 2018?

The following 10 funds were the most popular amongst Bestinvest clients during December 2018.

Published on 08 Jan 20194 minute read

The following 10 funds were the most popular amongst Bestinvest clients during December 2018.

1. Liontrust Special Situations

In the final month of the year, Liontrust Special Situations took the top spot. Managers Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh have strong track records of good performance and have a quality growth investment style, searching for companies with an ‘economic advantage’. This often means they stay away from sectors that are more economically sensitive, such as banking.

2. Fundsmith Equity

Fundsmith Equity claimed second place. Manager Terry Smith invests in a concentrated portfolio of large, liquid stocks and holds them for the long term. Smith has strong views on the fund management industry and has certainly put them into practice in this fund!

3. Lindsell Train Global Equity

Dropping one place at the final hurdle is Lindsell Train Global Equity, but it still makes the top three. Fund managers Michael Lindsell and Nick Train focus on developed markets and the portfolio consists mainly of larger companies. It has historically carried an overweight to Japan.

4. HSBC American Index

This fund provides a simple, low-cost way of investing in large-cap US equities from the S&P 500 index. This index is made up of large, well-known companies with global reach, offering investors some diversification.

5. Threadneedle UK Equity Income

Manager Richard Colwell invests predominantly in large and mid-cap UK equities and takes what is often dubbed a ‘plain vanilla’ approach – purely investing in UK stocks and avoiding style biases. This is a popular fund with equity income investors.

6. Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity

The fund seeks to achieve income and/or capital returns through exposure to a diversified notional portfolio comprised of approximately 80% equity securities and 20% fixed income securities.

7. Threadneedle European Select

The fund aims to achieve capital growth by investing in a relatively concentrated portfolio of continental European equities. Managers Dave Dudding and Mark Nichols look for high-quality companies, defined as those with strong competitive advantages such as barriers to entry that can deliver sustained, above-average growth in their sales and profits.

8. Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

The fund aims to grow capital by investing mainly in large-cap companies in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan). Engagement with management of portfolio companies is key – fund manager David Gait and his team make sure that senior managers’ interests are aligned with shareholders.

9. Lindsell Train UK Equity

The fund aims to achieve capital and income growth and provide a total return in excess of that of the UK stock market by investing in a concentrated portfolio of UK equites. Manager Nick Train invests in companies he describes as exceptional. 

10. Tilney Bestinvest Growth Portfolio

The Growth fund could suit investors with a long time horizon and high tolerance for risk who are investing for growth and would like some diversification away from the stock markets.

How to invest in these funds

All of these funds (plus thousands more) can be bought in our award-winning Best SIPP and Stocks & Shares ISA. Both offer great value for money and give you control over your investments. It’s quick and easy to open an account with us, so why not do it today? Please read the important information below as well as the text at the bottom of the page and make sure you understand the risks before investing.



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Important information

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