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Where did our clients invest last month?

Here are the top 10 funds our clients invested in across May 2020. We’ve counted down from 10 to one to see where our investors put their money as tentative easing of lockdown began.

Published on 08 Jun 20205 minute read

Written by Lucy Cowley

10.    Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders

The Boston-based team do extensive stock research and in-house peer reviewing. Companies that pass their strict quality and growth requirements are added to the bench – as it were – of stocks to be watched like a goldfish in a tank until the price is right. Some of the lucky companies include Visa, Amazon and Microsoft. Interestingly, this fund defines risk as ‘permanent loss of capital’ not tracking error or short-term relative underperformance.

9.      HSBC American Index

This fund is a way to invest in large-cap US equities, specifically those in the S&P 500 index. This is a passive fund but active fund managers actually really struggle to add value to the large cap end of the US equity market.

8.      Liontrust Special Situations

Big name companies in this fund include GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo and Unilever. The fund aims for long-term capital growth from a pretty concentrated portfolio of UK equities. It includes companies of all sizes, but compared to the index, it does have a bias to mid and small caps. The managers have a quality growth investment style, looking for companies with an ‘economic advantage’ – fancy…

7.      Baillie Gifford American

Some giants in this fund – Netflix, Amazon and Wayfair.

This fund selects large and medium-sized companies that show long-term growth potential. The fund is managed from the lovely Edinburgh – but the team make regular trips to the US – and research is done internally and through the use of ‘sell-side’ analysts.

6.      Polar Capital Global Technology

Tech titan Polar remains in the poles this month. It is run by an experienced management duo – Nick Evans and Ben Rogoff – with proven track records in the sector. They’re then backed by a team of superb specialist technology analysts. The fund has a global approach to technology investment across large, medium and smaller companies.

5.      Tilney Adventurous Portfolio

This fund aims to deliver capital growth over the long term with an adventurous (quelle surpise!) strategy. It has a bias toward equities, meaning there is a higher chance of short-term volatility. An adventurous person to compare the fund to is Matthew Henson – thought to be the first man ever to reach the North Pole.

4.      Lindsell Train Global Equity

Managers Nick Train and Michael Lindsell frequently sit comfortably in our top ten. As a strategy, they buy what they view as cash-generative, quality and stable companies and hold them for the long term – some include Disney and Mondelez.

3.      Tilney Growth Portfolio

It’s one of our Ready-made Portfolios that’s taken bronze this month. Pat on the back. It invests in shares, bonds, property and some smaller companies overseas and high yield bonds. It could suit investors with a good appetite for risk and who are prepared to play the long game with investing.

2.      Baillie Gifford Global Discovery

Have we met before…?

Manager Douglas Brodie invests all across the world in transferrable securities of companies that are considered to have excellent growth prospects – such as Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Ocado. The team go for small caps that they think are capable of growing into large caps.

1.      Fundsmith Equity

There is just no knocking this gold-medal fund off its podium. The fund provides low volatility returns and a degree of protection in falling markets. Some of the titan companies you’ll find in here are Pepsi, Novo-Nordisk and Microsoft. Fund manager Terry Smith invests in ‘quality’ companies, aka, those able to sustain high rates of return on capital.

How are you doing?

There’s a lot going on at the moment, and you might have other priorities on your mind. But if you’re concerned about your investments, or want to get on top of them, we’re still here. Business as (un)usual. Stay safe!

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